Tuesday, May 5, 2015

ValueQuest India Moat Fund: Prof. Sanjay Bakshi's fund

We all trying to practice value investing are always trying to follow Professor Sanjay Bakshi and his blog. I was googling around to figure out his current portfolio and I came across a fact sheet for the fund at Trust Net Offshore. The data on the site say that, as expected, professor Bakshi had outperformed the market by a very large percentage. The fund is a USD denominated fund domiciled in Mauritius. Launch date is stated as 3 Apr 2014. ISIN is stated as MU0449S00019.

This data is not confirmed and has been taken from http://www.trustnetoffshore.com/. The INR return is basically derived from the USD return graph and from FX rates online.

Unfortunately I have been unable to find the portfolio of the fund anywhere. I will attempt to take a shot at what the fund might own by reading the Fundoo Professor blog and making a list of the companies that professor Sanjay Bakshi talks about.

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